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Why Do You Need A Vpn For Gaming? Top 5 Reasons

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Do you spend your weekend playing PUBG, Free Fire, and COD? How do you feel when the game starts lagging and the connection meddles in the way? Well, no gamer would like such a thing. This is because there is much traffic on the connections and the games start lagging. 

So, if you are looking to play games smoothly without any lags and errors, read this blog till the end and you will get to know about all the possible ways to overcome such issues. 

Besides, there are countries that ban games for many reasons, you can play games from any region and enjoy to the fullest. Vpn will connect you to the server from any region in the world and you will be playing games from the blocked country despite bans. Amazing isn’t it?

There are many ways to play games without having to worry about such issues. The foremost and best thing to use is, VPN. 

What Is A VPN?

If you are new to VPN or haven’t used a VPN before then you need to know what VPN is. 

Basically, it is a Virtual Private Network that allows users to browse the internet without any constraint. When a person uses open Wi-Fi or any public network there is a high chance of malicious files entering your devices. Here is when VPN acts as a shield and makes your connection safe.   

Moreover, VPNs are available for all types of operating systems, such as macOS VPN, Android, Windows, and Linux. 

Some Benefits Of Using A VPN

Vpn is not just limited to preventing your devices from malicious files but there is more in the picture. 

Secure browsing 

When you are going connect your devices to VPN you will experience safe and secure browsing. No information and password will be collected. 


VPN service comes with an ad-blocker which means that those random pop-up ads that are mostly viruses will be blocked. In this way, your device will be secured and safe from any arbitrary malicious files and folders

Anonymous IP 

What hackers do is get hold of the IP address, by using VPN you will be able to hide your IP address and mask it with a fake one. 

Reasons Why You Need A VPN For Gaming 

1. Safely Play Games On Public Networks

If you are using public networks or any open Wi-Fi networks you will be exposed to DNS leaks, DDoS attacks, and Malware. 

DDoS software can be easily transferred to your device and as a result, whoever you are playing the game with, can perform a DDoS attack. 

2. Access To Geo-Blocked Games

Many games are blocked in countries due to various reasons. Whatever the reasons are you can still play them by using a VPN service. FastestVPN has the best VPN service that can also be installed on a router. 

In this way, you will be able to play all the geo-blocked games without any internet interruption as it is installed on routers. 

3. Protections Against Swatting 

Whenever you play multiplayer online games, opponents tend to stalk you. It can be because either they are eager to play more games with you or out of jealousy. 

Either way, it is not suitable for anyone to stalk you, so for this purpose, VPN act as a savior. Installing a VPN will protect you from swatting and keeps the IP address safe. 

4. Reduces Pings

Gamers do not like playing games with slow connections. This is the worse that can happen to a gamer who is fighting for their life on a battlefield. The reason is that the service distance is far away from your device and game.

So, having a VPN on your phones and devices will prevent the games from lagging and ping times. 

5. Avoid Bandwidth Throttling 

Another reason why you should get a VPN is that bandwidth throttling is another thing a gamer doesn’t like.

This throttling occurs due to heavy traffic on the connection. Downloading updates and other things can prevent the speed too. A VPN will help the user to avoid this by encrypting the data.

6. Bypass ISP Throttling:

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often throttle gaming traffic during peak hours, resulting in slower connections. A VPN encrypts your gaming data, making it challenging for ISPs to throttle your traffic, allowing you to enjoy smooth gaming even during peak times.

7. Protect Personal Information:

Online gaming exposes your personal information, making you vulnerable to potential cyber threats. A VPN encrypts your data, safeguarding your personal information, and ensuring that your gaming sessions remain private and secure.

8. Shield Against DDoS Attacks:

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can ruin your gaming experience by flooding your network and causing lag or disconnection. A VPN acts as a robust shield against DDoS attacks, keeping your IP address hidden and preventing attackers from targeting you directly.


While entering the realm of online gaming involves risks and limitations, a VPN offers a secure, smooth, and unrestricted gaming experience. It shields against DDoS attacks, reduces lag, and unlocks geo-restricted content, among other benefits. Safeguarding your personal information and bypassing ISP throttling, the VPN allows complete immersion in the gaming world without concerns about security or performance. Elevate your online gaming experience with a VPN, staying ahead of potential threats and limitations.

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