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When is the Right Time To Upgrade Your Blog To Japan VPS Hosting?

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When you first start a blogging website, you usually expect low traffic, and price becomes a crucial factor in choosing your hosting solution in Japan. Shared hosting is the most affordable option available, and it makes sense to start with a shared hosting plan for your initial website. However, as your website grows and becomes more vulnerable, shared hosting may no longer meet all your requirements. Upgrading to a dedicated server can be costly for many, as it involves renting out an entire physical server. This is where Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting comes into play. Japan VPS hosting is considered a middle solution between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, offering a balance of features and price.

To determine the right time to switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting in Japan, it’s important to understand the limitations of a shared server.

Limitations of a Shared Hosting Plan for a Blog 

Shared hosting involves multiple websites being hosted on a single physical server, often sharing the same IP address. If one website on the server experiences a bug or cyberattack, it can negatively impact all other websites. Additionally, shared hosting has limited resource allocation and may not be optimized for high-traffic, dynamic blogs. It offers limited scalability and cannot handle sudden spikes in traffic. The performance and reliability of all websites on the shared server can be affected by a poorly performing neighbor.

If your website starts receiving higher traffic and requires optimal performance, it’s time to consider upgrading from shared hosting to VPS hosting.

What is VPS Hosting? 

VPS hosting involves partitioning a single physical server into multiple virtual machines, each isolated from the others. Each virtual machine has its own allocated resources and functions like a dedicated server for a website. The hypervisor software enables virtualization by partitioning the resources.

When Should You Switch to a Japan VPS Hosting Plan?

Lagging website: If your website experiences slow page load speeds or lags, it may be due to your hosting. Unused plugins can also impact performance, and shared hosting may struggle to handle them. Japan VPS hosting offers superior page load speeds compared to shared hosting due to its architectural setup.

Increased traffic: If your website has recently seen a spike in traffic from organic visitors or running advertising campaigns, the shared server may become overloaded, resulting in downtime. Shared hosting has resource restrictions, and exceeding them can cause not only your website but also others on the server to fail.

Security concerns: If your website stores valuable data, such as credit card details or personal information, it’s important to keep it safe from viruses and malware. Security on a shared hosting server can lead to data leaks from multiple websites. Japan VPS server provides a more secure option as you don’t have to share resources with other users.

Customization is a priority: Shared hosting does not provide root access to modify the server, whereas Japan VPS hosting allows you to configure and modify the software according to your needs. You can even install the operating system of your choice on your VPS in Japan.

Revenue generation: If you intend to monetize your blog, Japan VPS hosting is more reliable than shared hosting. Downtime can result in the loss of potential customers and financial losses.

Multiple blogs: If you plan to set up multiple blogs and your current hosting can’t handle the required bandwidth, Japan VPS servers offer an excellent upgrade. These factors, often referred to as “pull factors,” entice you to consider a VPS hosting plan.

Best Features of VPS Hosting in Japan From Serverwala

Multiple Distribution: VPS hosting offers a range of Linux operating system distributions to choose from Serverwala.

Guaranteed resources: Resources allocated to your VPS Japan are not shared with other users.

Full root access: You have complete control over customizing and configuring the server as needed. Our rooted Japan VPS Server enables you to operate and control your server without any restrictions.

DDoS protection: Many VPS hosting providers include pre-installed third-party security programs to protect against DDoS attacks. The System automatically detects incoming malicious threats from the web and provides safeguards to your data.

Cost-effective: Japan VPS hosting is a cost-effective solution for your blogging website, providing many features of a dedicated server without breaking the bank. Our VPS Japan hosting serves you high functionality resources with round-the-clock support to intensify your business growth.


Shared hosting remains a suitable option for amateur bloggers, but it is important to keep track of various parameters. If you anticipate growth for your website or are experiencing issues with your shared server, it may be time to switch to Japan VPS hosting. The advantages of a virtual environment for your website are numerous. Dedicated resources can significantly improve your website’s performance, and scalability allows you to increase hosting resources as needed. Conduct detailed research and compare the features offered by different hosting providers to select the best Japan VPS hosting plan for your website. With Serverwala Cloud Datacenter, you can be sure that your blog website is hosted on a top-notch platform. So what are you waiting for? Switch to VPS hosting today!

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