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Flat Feet Treatment | Top 7 Exercise for Strengthening Flat Feet

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When there are fallen arches, you will know that you have developed flat feet. It is seen that flat feet can occur at any stage. If your condition gets worse, you will need to think that where can I get a “podiatrist near me.”
There can be occasional pain, while flat feet are mostly asymptomatic. When you have flat feet, podiatrists will ask you to perform exercises. While exercises will help you to improve your ankle and foot mechanics, they can also help in supporting your arch, and building up strength.

There are several types of exercises that foot doctor will suggest for your flat feet. Readers will get all the detail in this article.

7 Foot Exercises for Flat Feet

When you are starting with the exercises, you will know that the following six exercises will give you strength in the muscles of ankle and foot. The ankle and foot are responsible for supporting the arch.

You will need to do stretches so that you can get relieve from pain, and will keep your feet flexible as well. It necessary to choose all the seven exercises, so that you can get the perfect flat feet treatment.

Arch Lift

While arch lift is a simple exercise, you can find it difficult to coordinate with flat feet condition. While the exercise will significantly target the muscles of foot that help to support the arch.

To perform the Arch Lift exercise, follow these steps:

Find a comfortable chair and sit down with your feet resting on the floor. Make sure the balls of your heels and feet are touching the ground.

Keep your posture upright and engage your core muscles for stability.

Begin the exercise by lifting the arches of your feet while keeping your toes and heels in contact with the floor. Imagine a string pulling your arch upward.

Hold the lifted position for a few seconds, focusing on engaging the muscles in the arch of your foot.

Slowly lower your arches back down to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise for a recommended number of repetitions, usually around 10 to 15 times.

It’s important to note that individuals with flat feet may find it challenging to coordinate this exercise at first. However, with practice and consistency, the muscles involved in supporting the arch can become stronger, leading to improved foot mechanics and stability.
You need to make sure that the balls of your heel and foot are touching the ground, as you sit in the chair with your feet on floor. You can also do the exercise by standing on both legs, and single leg as well.

Windshield Wiper

The Windshield Wiper exercise is a range of motion exercise that targets the muscles of the foot and ankle. This exercise is particularly beneficial for individuals with flat feet as it can help relieve discomfort and promote blood flow in the feet.

To perform the Windshield Wiper exercise, follow these steps:

Find a comfortable place to sit, such as the edge of a bed or a chair.

Keep your back straight and place your feet flat on the floor in front of you, shoulder-width apart.

Start by moving one foot away from the center position while keeping the heel on the ground. Imagine your foot moving like a windshield wiper, sweeping outward.

Hold this position for one to two seconds, feeling a gentle stretch in the muscles of your foot and ankle.

Return your foot to the center position, aligning it with the other foot.

Repeat the same movement with the other foot, sweeping it outward while keeping the heel grounded.

Hold the position for one to two seconds before returning to the center.

Continue alternating between both feet in a rhythmic motion, mimicking the movement of windshield wipers.

When performing the Windshield Wiper exercise, it’s important to focus on controlled movements and avoid any sudden or jerky motions. The goal is to gently stretch and mobilize the muscles of the foot and ankle.

Benefits of the Windshield Wiper exercise include:

Improved flexibility: This exercise helps increase the range of motion in the foot and ankle, promoting flexibility.

Enhanced blood circulation: By moving the foot through a range of motion, the Windshield Wiper exercise can stimulate blood flow in the feet, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with flat feet.

Strengthened foot muscles: The controlled movements in this exercise engage and strengthen the muscles in the foot and ankle, aiding in better foot mechanics and supporting the arch.

It’s important to note that if you experience any pain or discomfort during the exercise, you should stop immediately and consult with a healthcare professional, such as a podiatrist, for further evaluation and guidance.

Stretching Your Achilles

It is seen that if you are stretching your Achilles, your flat feet condition will get improved. While you need to stand straight, you need to keep your one leg forward, and other leg stretched with your knee locked.

While you need to keep your back leg straight, you need to keep your front leg bend, and straight your spine.

Rolling A Tennis Ball Under Your Feet

When you are looking for flat feet treatment in Jupiter, FL you will know that rolling a tennis ball under your feet will help your condition. While you need to sit upright, you need place the ball under your feet, and roll it forth and back. You need to do the exercise for multiple times.

Raising Your Calf

When you are experiencing flat foot condition, you need to an exercise by raising your calf. While you need to go to your tippy toes, you need to raise your calf. You need to hold the position for a few minutes, before coming back to normal position.

Curling A Towel with Your Feet

When it comes to foot and ankle treatment through exercise, you will need to perform curling a towel with your feet. While you need to curl your foot over your towel, as if you are picking up something from your feet. You need to repeat the process.

Raising Your Toes

When it comes to flat feet exercise, you will know that raising your toes will be very helpful. While you need to press your four toes, you need to lift your big toe.

Final Words

There are seven types of exercise that will help you to give to relief from flat feet condition. Before starting these exercises, you need to speak with podiatrist.

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