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Time Management for Sales Professionals: Optimizing Client Meeting Efficiency

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Time management is often very challenging for busy sales professionals. Recently, a study discovered that 60 percent of sales professionals work 40 hours or so weekly. They merely spend half of their time selling products or services. The other half of the time goes into lead generation, qualifying the leads, marketing, managing the accounts, and other administrative responsibilities.

The sphere of sales has changed dramatically in recent years. That is courtesy of technology. The change has been so profound that it changed fostering relationships with clients. For instance, sales professionals have to offer more personalization to the clients than before.

Technology has revolutionized today’s sales, but something about sales has not yet changed, i.e., client meetings. It does not matter if you hold in-person meetings with your clients or utilize video-conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, or others. Client meetings in any form remain to be an essential aspect of closing a sale.

For instance, if the clients have any objection regarding the deal, they can express it in real- time. Furthermore, the in-person sales meetings will permit you to nurture meaningful relationships and gain the trust of your clients.

Client meetings are essential; making your clients wait will be the easiest way to lose your clients. So you have to ensure that you do not make your clients wait. Therefore, as a sales professional, you have to enhance your time management skills to optimize client meeting efficiency. 

This article shares a few tips for sales professionals to optimize client meeting efficiency and time management.

1. Automate administrative tasks

You can consider automating the administrative tasks to allocate more time for selling the products and services. If you can save even a second of your time, you can utilize the time for completing challenging tasks. For instance, you can spend more time demonstrating the products or services and addressing their questions.

One of the significant challenges a sales professional encounters is scheduling client meetings. You can automate such administrative tasks by utilizing online scheduling software like Picktime. The software offers a customizable booking page or widget that is easy to integrate into the website or social media platforms like Facebook.

Once the integration is complete, potential clients can schedule a meeting to demonstrate products or services directly from the website. They no longer have to contact you directly by email or phone. They can schedule an appointment from the website or Facebook in a few steps. Integrating the software on social media further enhances the visibility of your brand.

The software has a calendar feature that gives a detailed overview of the daily meeting schedule. So you can organize your day to manage multiple customer appointments daily and enhance your time management skills.

Because of any unforeseen circumstance, if the clients want to reschedule the meeting, they can reschedule the appointment in a few steps. In the line of sales, communication plays a crucial role, and to enhance communication with your clients, the software sends automated reminders over email or SMS. That informs the clients of the meeting and what it will be about. If you want to host a virtual meeting with your clients, you can embed popular video-conferencing platforms like Google Meet or Zoom.

Furthermore, the software permits you to create a secure customer information database to store the history and their preference. That ensures the privacy of your clients. In short, the software automates appointment scheduling and improves time management. 

2. Be flexible

When you leave the office for a client meeting, try organizing your leads based on locations, and make a list of potential clients in the same location. You will likely wonder why you should do that. The clients may cancel the meeting, or you may have to wait for the client if they get caught up in another meeting.

By making a list of clients in the exact or nearby location, you can quickly consult with your list to contact another prospective client if the clients cancel or delay the meeting. So you instantly schedule another appointment with the clients. Otherwise, you would have to return to the office or spend time in a café.

Furthermore, when you schedule a meeting, you prepare to answer any question from the client and close the deal. With such preparation, if the clients cancel the appointment, all the preparation goes in vain. Instead, if you are flexible, you can instantly schedule another meeting with your clients, and with the preparations, you can close another deal. Most importantly, you can improve your time management.

3. Avoid multitasking

Studies have discovered that it is impossible for the human brain to handle more than one task at a time. If you try to switch between the tasks, your brain has to adjust constantly. That slows down your brain and causes you to lose focus on the given task.

As a sales professional, you have to engage different parts of your brain. For instance, if you are to explain the features of the products or services that you want to sell. It requires you to have a different mindset. So instead of doing many things simultaneously, you can line up similar activities. That will make you more productive and improve your time management.

4. Complete the challenging tasks first

Every sales professional has one particular task they despise doing- prospect generation, documenting the activities, sending follow-up emails, and so on. Instead of putting off such tasks, you should focus on completing those tasks immediately. Many tasks will make you appear productive so that you can avoid completing the demanding tasks.

If you hold up on the challenging tasks,  you will run out of time to complete them. Such an approach to completing tasks will ultimately catch up with you. In a nutshell, complete the challenging tasks first, as it requires more time- no matter how dreadful the tasks are.

To sum up, time management is an essential that a sales professional has to master. To enhance time management skills and make the best of the client meetings, consider automating the administrative tasks, focus on a single task at a time, and improve communication with the clients by sending follow-up emails or calls, ultimately completing the daunting tasks first.

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