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The Ultimate Sims 4 Hair Pack – Unlock New Styles and Express Your Unique Creativity!

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The Sims 4 High School Years expansion pack has brought a bunch of long-requested features, including body hair. Sims can shave their body hair and have it grow back.This Sims 4 hair pack adds an additional hairstyle that pairs well with modern outfits. It features two beautiful braids that come in a lot of different colors. It can be worn by Sims from toddler to elderly and is compatible with hats.

Candy Apple Hair

This sims 4 cc features a model-worthy high braid ponytail in a variety of colors. It’s a maxis match hairstyle that works for Sims ages teens and up. The color pack also includes a few additional hair accessories for the female Sims.

This beautiful female CC for The Sims 4 comes in 24 EA swatches and is perfect for a sophisticated look. It’s a shoulder length look with two buns on either side of the head and face framing pieces. It looks great with a variety of outfits and can be worn with hats.

The next item on this list is a cute hair style for a woman in the Sims 4. This CC has a pretty pink color and is ideal for any fashion-forward female in the game. The hair has a nice ombre look and features two adorable pig tails. It’s a perfect style for any teenage girl and would look good with a bunch of different clothes.

The final item on this list is a stylish male hairstyle that’s sure to impress any female Sim. This CC features a gorgeous updo that’s perfect for any fancy occasion. It’s a great way to add a little bit of drama to any outfit and can be worn with a variety of clothing styles. The hairstyle has a slight center part and some face framing pieces that are tucked behind the ears.

Bonnie Hair

This CC hair for sims 4 is beautiful and really changes the way your sim looks. It comes in 24 colors that work with any maxis match skin tone. It also has a version that has a shorter ponytail and bangs for those who prefer something more subtle.

This sims 4 cc hair female pack is a great choice for a casual look or even for a formal occasion. It has a side bun with a small bow on the top that adds a little bit of flair to an otherwise simple style. It also works well with many different hats and is perfect for girls who love to wear them while hanging out at home.

With this CC hair for sims 4, your sims can sport a K-Pop boy look that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. The hair has a simple wave with some face framing pieces that make it look very natural and really shows off your sim’s earrings. It also comes in a couple of ombre color options for those who like to mix it up a bit.

Another CC hair for Sims 4 is this gorgeously detailed Lexi Hair. This is a gorgeous updo that can be played up to be very sexy or down for a more innocent look. It also has a very detailed braid going down the back and draping over your sim’s shoulders that really accentuates their ears.

Esmeralda Hair Set

This sims 4 hair pack is the perfect addition for any fashionista Sim who loves to look absolutely stunning. This cc provides you with gorgeous, medium-length hair that frames your sims face and compliments it with shaved sides. The mod comes with a variety of colors and is highly realistic due to its detailed texture and transparency. You can use it for female sims of any age group. It looks great with edgy styles as well as sophisticated looks, and it’s also compatible with hats.

Moreover, the CC features two versions of the hairstyle, one with and one without hair strands, so your sims can decide whether to wear them or not. This is another must-have cc from Sheabuttyr, who is the king of black girl hair cc for sims 4. This particular swatch set includes cornrows and dreadlocks, along with a cute bun. It is suitable for teens and adults, and it works well with a variety of outfits.

This stunning cc is the best hair download for wavy Sims. It resembles Gigi Hadid’s voluminous, model-worthy ponytail and is perfect for any sexy Sim who likes to flaunt their figure. It comes in 24 color swatches and is maxis match, which means that it’ll work with any skin tone. It’s also compatible with hats, and your sim can even choose to add double braids to the look.

Haunting Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a hair mod that gives your Sims a bit of a scary look, check out this one. It adds some spiky bangs to your sim’s look and includes a beard that you can style with the facial hair options in the game. This hairstyle also has an extra wavy section at the front that frames your sim’s face perfectly.Read more on TheSims4Mods.

The Blair Hairstyle is inspired by Gossip Girl’s queen bee, Blair Waldorf. It’s a simple style that looks great on both men and women and it works well with all sorts of outfits, from formal to casual. This cc has a few variations that you can choose from, including some different colors and some with the Blair braids and other details.

There aren’t many short male hairstyles available in the base game, so this mod is a welcome addition. It’s a stylish option that fits in with any sort of character, from a K-Pop boy to a modern man. It comes in a range of colors and textures, and it even has a beard for a more masculine look. This is definitely a hairstyle that you’ll want to try.

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