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Study MBBS in China’s Top Medical Colleges

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Due to strict eligibility requirements, a shortage of seats, a difficult entrance exam, and excessive tuition costs, Pakistani students are choosing to pursue their MBBS abroad. There are 200 PMC-approved medical schools globally, however, Pakistani students prefer to enroll in MBBS programs in China due to its proximity and the availability of 45 PMC-approved medical schools there. According to statistics, 10,000 foreign students choose the MBBS programs provided in China each year.

Chinese medicine has a long history that dates back to the second century BC, and it has had a significant impact on modern medical procedures as well. You have the wonderful opportunity to explore the splendor of Chinese medicine and its practices by deciding to Study MBBS in China.

Nation’s HymnGet up, you who will not serve a master! Let us construct a new Great Wall with our own blood and flesh! The urgent call to action is made as China confronts the greatest threat from each one.

Climate China has a wide range of governments Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan are neighbors of the Chinese Communist Party.

Several major Chinese cities include Beijing, Fujian, Fuzhou, Liaoning Province, Tianjin, Jinan, Urumqi, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Nanning, Chengdu, Chongqing, Harbin, Jilin, Jinzhou, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Yinchuan, Shanghai, Shihezi, Nanjing

China introduction:

The number of foreign students in China is the third-highest in the world. This is mostly due to the fact that every medical college in China offers possibilities for both world-class placement programs and postgraduate medical study in China. China, which has 33 administrative entities, is the second-largest country in Asia.

China is a complex nation with a 4000-year history, home to a variety of landscapes, languages, cuisines, and weather. International and Pakistani students who choose to enroll in medical MBBS programs in China take their first step toward the world’s second-largest economy. Students in China who successfully complete their MBBS programs have the opportunity to live and work there after graduation.

China’s tourist destinations include

The Great Wall of China is the world’s longest wall, and its high-speed train system is the largest.

maximum vineyard record

Tallest outdoor elevator: Bailong Elevator

The largest palace in the world is the Imperial Palace.

That is only a small number. There is simply too much to see and do in China, and you may enjoy it all by organizing your MBBS from China under the direction and supervision of MBBSUniversities.com. Every year, thousands of Pakistani and international students seeking admission to the best medical institutions in China turn to MBBSUniversities.com, the best international education consultancy in Pakistan.

Russia, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Afghanistan, Bhutan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Nepal, and Pakistan are the 14 nations that border China. The China-Nepal border’s easternmost part is where Mt. Everest is located.

English is the official language of teaching for MBBS courses at all 45 of China’s medical schools that have received approval from the PMC. In China, it is actually illegal to offer multilingual MBBS degree programs. Therefore, the complete MBBS course is taught in English alone for international as well as Pakistani students who get admitted to the best medical college in China with the aid of MBBSUniversities.com, the best education consultant in Pakistan.

Fees for MBBS in China:

The annual tuition at the top medical institutes in China ranges from 2.50 to 8 lakh Pakistani rupees. The six-year MBBS program in China costs approximately 20 lac Pakistani rupees in total.

In comparison to other foreign locations, the cost structure at the top 10 medical colleges in China and elsewhere is organized, reasonable, and justifiable given the high caliber of the facilities, the standards of the educational program, and the employment opportunities.

In addition to the MBBS in China charge, parents must include in other costs such as housing, food, travel, pocket money, and other extraneous expenses when calculating and attempting to grasp the MBBS course fees in China.

We assist students in obtaining the best MBBS education loan in China so they can conveniently fulfill their desire without stressing over the price of MBBS in China. Additionally, the Chinese government offers more than 40000 scholarships to deserving international students, and MBBSUniversities.com may assist you in selecting one and obtaining benefits for financing your MBBS tuition in China.

The following costs are also included in the price of education in China:

  • pupil visa
  • health-related costs and insurance
  • China’s Cost of living
  • Airline ticket cost
  • urgent expenses

Parents and students can apply for the best education loan for MBBS in China through MBBSUniversities.com, the fastest-growing Pakistani consultant for foreign education. Scholarships are available in China to cover the costs of attending medical school for students with high test-score percentages.

Get in touch with the MBBSUniversities.com team to learn more about the cost of an MBBS in China.

The cost of living in China for a healthy student lifestyle, excluding hostel costs, is as follows:

Paper Goods & Books3300 PKR

7400 PKR in utility bills

5060 PKR was spent on you.

meals, outings, and travel8400 PKR

4096 PKR for clothing

3410 PKR for a monthly transport ticket

30000–35000 Pakistani Rupees

Accommodations for MBBS students and China-based Pakistani students:

It is normal for both students and their parents to have anxiety when making plans to pursue an MBBS in a foreign nation regarding the hostel and dining options. You need not worry, as every MBBS college in China provides a hostel with dining services.

The following are typical hostel amenities for Pakistani MBBS students studying in China:

sanitized, well-ventilated rooms with a bathroom

options for single and shared lodging

high-speed wifi internet

For each student, the bare minimum of furniture is a bed, a side table, and a study table.

Among the equipment are a heater (for the winter), a geyser, and a computer lab.

a café that serves nutritious food

Self-cooking options in the communal kitchen

24/7 access to electricity, water, security, and CCTV

Housekeeping and laundry services are extra.

Self-cooking options are available in the communal kitchen.

Recreational areas

Central air conditioning and heating system

strict restrictions and hours in hostels

Optional Pakistani cuisine

Boys’ and girls’ dorms are separate.

Please be aware that the leading MBBS colleges in China do not include hostel costs in their tuition rates. Students are only allowed to make use of hostel perks after successfully completing the necessary paperwork with MBBSUniversities.com to pay the hostel cost and join the dorm.

China’s MBBS Admissions:

In the best Chinese medical universities, the MBBS course session typically starts in September. The two required holidays are winter break (January–February) and summer break (July–August).

By the end of July at the latest, aspirant Pakistani students should begin submitting their applications to China’s leading medical schools, advises, Pakistan’s top resource for foreign education.

Application deadlines are in February and June or July.

Date of Visa Approval: August/September

Beginning of the new session: September/October

Chinese medical universities offer the following programs:

International students studying MBBS for six years in China receive a certificate from the government called a Bachelor of Medicine (BMED) degree. In Pakistan, this is the equivalent of an MBBS degree.


Chinese First Year MBBS Syllabus

The first and second terms

Health Terminology Embryology and Histology

Organized Anatomy Mobile Biology

Utilizing computers Basic Geographic Anatomy

Health Chemistry Biological Chemistry

Chinese MBBS Syllabus for the Second Year

The first and second terms

Physiology Pathophysiology

Biochemistry Pathoanatomy

Microbiology Parasitology


Chinese third-year MBBS course outline First term, second term, pharmacology, and diagnostics

Health Information Radiology

Prevention of Disease General Surgery I Epidemiology Criminal Medicine

Chinese Traditional Medicine

Chinese MBBS Syllabus for the Fourth Year

Primary and Secondary Internal Medicine Pediatrics

Systematic Surgery II Neurology

Obstetrics & Gynecology Psychiatry

Chinese Fifth-Year MBBS Syllabus

Initial Term Internal Medicine in the Second Year Surgery

Pediatrics Obstetrics & Gynecology

internship test for infectious diseases

The top 10 English-medium medical institutes in China and elsewhere use the aforementioned MBBS curriculum to simultaneously prepare Pakistani students for the FMGE – PMC screening test. The instructors in China’s MBBS programs prepare students for prestigious international medical screening exams including PLAB and USMLE.

Successful BMED graduates who wish to enroll in a Master’s program in China must commit three years to their higher study at one of China’s top medical universities.


Pakistani students must obtain a PCB 12th standard score of 70% in order to be eligible for an MBBS education at one of the top medical universities in China.

To apply and seek admission in Chinese medical schools, prospective students must also pass the National Eligibility Com Entrance Test (MDCAT).

Age: Both male and female MBBS students in China must be between the ages of 17 and 25 to enroll. It’s crucial for students to meet the age requirements for MBBS in China for students from Pakistan.

MDCAT: MDCAT is a requirement for enrollment in MBBS programs in China. Students are required to produce a copy of their MDCAT scorecard as part of the document submission process.

Documents Needed For MBBS In China Mark Sheet For 10th And 12th Standard

diploma from high school

a letter of character from the school

pupil resume

letter of approval from the parents letter of support from the school

MDCAT score report, including original and copy

copy of the student’s birth certificate

test results for HIV

Chinese Embassy Letter of Permission Transfer Certificate

Student’s valid passport Medical examination form

No criminal record certificate, but a medical certificate from a licensed physician

proof of student’s age and, if applicable, proof of disability

six passport photos

a letter of invitation from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Compared to other foreign countries, China offers affordable medical education

And experienced, impartial professors drawn from across the globe

A student exchange program’s scope with other prestigious universities

China’s MBBS universities adopt a system of instruction of the highest caliber.

Admission to MBBS programs in China is handled smoothly through MBBSUniversities.com

Theoretical and clinical learning are equally valued

Take a step into the second-largest global economy in the world. Chinese medical universities offer solid placement programs and placement certainty.

Higher medical education options (Masters’s or PhD) at Chinese medical institutions

In proximity to one’s country of origin

Chinese medical universities have been graded for selection easiness

Institutions offering MBBS in China accept a variety of educational loans and grants.

preparation for many medical screening exams, including USMLE, FMGE, PLAB, and others

Chinese culture, food, and traditions are rich.

clinical internship in modern medical universities’ linked hospitals, in China

The government is always working to make overseas students’ educational experiences better.

Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings include a list of Chinese medical universities.

China’s medical schools are recognized by the PMC, WHO, MOE, FAIMER, UNESCO, and ACGME.

Clinical Integrative Medicine Program of Choice in China (also acknowledged by PMC)

China’s MBBS degree is respected globally.

Learn about cutting-edge medical techniques, investigations, and discoveries.

no entrance test

None was given

No exemption for the English language test

reduced lodging costs in Chinese medical universities that have received PMC approval.

China has a low cost of living.

modern conveniences and amenities for living

minimal cutoff grades

5-year MBBS program in China plus a 12-month internship

There are virtually any drawbacks to studying medicine in China because there are so many benefits.

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