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Preserved Flower Bouquets for Weddings: A Timeless Trend in Singapore

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Flowers, which stand for love, majesty, and new beginnings, have long played a significant role in wedding ceremonies. In recent years, a new fashion in Singapore has evolved that mixes the beauty of fresh flowers with the durability of preserved flowers. 

The popularity of preserved rose flower bouquets among couples seeking a lasting memento of their unforgettable wedding has grown over time. 

We’ll look at the allure of a preserved flowers Singapore arrangement. In this post, I’ll discuss why they’ve developed into a classic wedding style in Singapore.

Preserved Flowers’ Appeal

Preserved flowers are genuine flowers that have gone through a one of a kind conservation interaction to keep up with their regular excellence and newness for a drawn out period. 

A glycerin-based solution is used to replace the flowers’ sap, preserving their softness, shape, and vibrant colors. Preserved flowers, in contrast to dried flowers, retain their delicate petals and natural appearance, making them an excellent choice for wedding bouquets.

Long-Term Elegance

The longevity of preserved flower bouquets is one of the main reasons why they have become increasingly popular in Singapore. When properly cared for, preserved flowers can last for several months or even years, whereas fresh flowers wilt in a few days. 

This means that after the ceremony, couples can keep their wedding bouquet. As a beautiful keepsake to remember their special day. Preserved rose flower bouquets permit couples to remember the sorcery of their big day at whatever point they see their bouquet showed in their home.

A Wide Range of Choices

The wide variety of flowers available in preserved flower bouquets. Enables couples to personalize their bouquets in accordance with their preferences and wedding themes. From exemplary roses and peonies to extraordinary flowers. Like orchids and proteas, persevered flowers come in different sorts, varieties, and sizes. These flexible choices empower couples to make special and customized plans. That mirror their singular style and upgrade the general tasteful of their wedding.

Beauty of Preserved Flowers

Flowers that have been preserved have a compelling beauty that endures. We can enjoy these exquisite wonders’ splendor indefinitely because their delicate beauty has been meticulously preserved. Each flower’s petal, leaf, and stem is captured in an everlasting grace.

Flowers that have been maintained have a captivating brilliance that lasts forever. Even after they have finished flowering, their colours are still vibrant and capture the essence of nature’s colour pallet. Their exquisitely preserved delicate textures invite gentle touches and inspire awe.

The adaptability of preserved flowers is exceptional and provides countless creative opportunities. They elegantly enhance any setting, whether it be a cosy home or a formal function. They add a magical touch to any arrangement, whether it be a colourful bouquet or an elaborate wreath.

The sustainability of preserved flowers also contributes to their attraction. We can admire nature’s beauty while reducing waste by protecting natural blossoms.

Preserved flowers are a representation of enduring elegance and eternal beauty in the field of floral art. They serve as a reminder that some things, even in a passing world, can be preserved for all time, remaining alluring and offering happiness to those who come into contact with them.

A Guide to Preserved Flower Prices in Singapore

The prices of preserved flowers Singapore can vary depending on a number of factors. The price is heavily influenced by factors such as the brand’s reputation, the complexity of the arrangement. And also with the size and type of the flowers. The complexity of the preservation process, the rarity of the flowers, and the quality of the materials used all contribute to the final cost.

In Singapore, preserved flowers are available at a variety of prices to suit a variety of budgets and preferences. A small bouquet of preserved daisies or roses can be purchased for as little as SGD $30, making it an affordable option for people who want to add a touch of class to their celebration. 

On the other hand, elaborate arrangements with intricate designs or beautiful flowers can cost upwards of SGD $200. These better quality choices frequently include hand tailored wooden boxes, premium materials, and customized customization, making them ideal for extraordinary events or extravagant gifts.

One more component that influences the preserved flower costs in Singapore is the brand notoriety and restrictiveness. Due to their well-earned reputation for quality and craftsmanship, established brands with a strong market presence typically charge higher prices. 


Providing a selection of preserved flowers caters to their own interests customers can guarantee they will always have access to a selection of preserved flowers. However, it is important to note that Singapore also has independent florists and artisans who provide one-of-a-kind preserved flower creations at reasonable prices. Because these independent businesses place such a focus on custom-made designs, clients have the ability to tailor their purchases to their individual preferences as well as their financial constraints.

It’s crucial to remember that preserved flowers are an investment in beauty for a very long time. Despite the fact that they could end up costing a little bit more than fresh flowers in the beginning. Because they last for such a long time, eventually they become more economical.

Furthermore, since preserved flowers do not require water or sunlight to grow, they require no maintenance. As a result, they make great choice for those who have a busy schedule or little access to natural light.

While buying persevered flower box Singapore, it’s prudent to do some exploration and think about costs from various sources. To get a sense of the variety of options and prices available, visit a few different florists, both in person and online.

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