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Power of Multistreaming on Different Platforms

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If you want to reach a wider audience on more than one social media platform, then you should start streaming multi-platform. With so many live-streaming services available today, it can be hard for broadcasters to stand out and keep up with the competition. By streaming to more than one service, you’ll increase your chances of being found by more viewers and make more money.

What Is Multistreaming?

Broadcasting live video content to more than one platform at the same time is called Multistreaming. Multistreaming allows creators to reach a wider audience by sharing their content on multiple platforms. If you’re streaming the same content to your YouTube channel and Facebook group at the same time, you’re Multistreaming. 

Instead of worrying about which streaming platform to choose, the real challenge is being able to stream live video to as many destinations as possible. If you want to stream only to one network at a time then you have to make a choice: you can either sacrifice hours of your time and still fail in reaching out to the audience in the most engaging way. Setting up a single stream that broadcasts to multiple networks simultaneously solves this problem. Multistreaming immediately doubles up your views for the same amount of work. So if you want to reach more people with your content, multistreaming is the way to go!

Why Should You Integrate Multistream?

With multistreaming, you can broadcast your live video on different platforms without having to create separate broadcasts. This saves time and bandwidth and makes it easier to share your live content with friends and followers.

  1. You don’t have to persuade your audience to choose one platform. You can meet them where they are, and provide them with the options they need.
  2. By streaming on multiple platforms, you increase your chances of being discovered. You can reach a wide audience by streaming to major and niche platforms, while also tapping into your core audience.
  3. Your streams are more reliable. If one platform goes down, you’re still live on other platforms. You don’t lose all the effort and work you put into your content.
  4. Multistreaming is a great way to widen your reach without making a significant investment. You use the same camera, microphone and internet connection to do multiple broadcasts, and people on different platforms see them.

Thus, Multistreaming can help content creators reach new audiences and stay in touch with specific segments of an existing audience on the platforms they prefer.

3 Simple Step Multistreaming

Multistreaming is a great way to keep your audience engaged. All you have to do is choose your best streaming platforms, find a  reliable Multistreaming solution and without any hassle go live:

1. Choose The Platforms Where You Want To Stream 

Streaming platforms are social networks, video hosting websites, or genres that specialize in live streaming. When choosing a streaming platform, it’s important to consider your audience and what type of content you’re interested in streaming. Some popular streaming platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter; however, there are also platforms that specialize in specific genres of content.

So how do you decide which streaming platform is right for you? Here are two strategies to help you stream to the platforms that will fit your audience: Stream to the platforms where you already have a following base. This will allow you to reach a wider audience than if you only covered popular platforms like Facebook YouTube and Twitter. Cover only the big platforms at first; after establishing yourself on these larger channels, then branch out into other platforms.

Facebook is the best platform for targeting an audience because of its huge user base and ability to target specific groups. YouTube offers better video quality than other platforms, making it a popular choice for streaming content. Smaller platforms often have specific niches that make them more appealing, 

2. Find a multistreaming solution

If you’re thinking about multistreaming, then you need to choose a hardware or software encoder with multistreaming capabilities. However, hardware encoders are more convenient but there’s a drawback that you solely depend on the availability of bandwidth and can be considered expensive.  Multistreaming software, whereas, is generally more user-friendly and affordable. You don’t have to download any other software or install third-party applications with multistreaming software. With reliable software, you can stream up to 30 streaming platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.

3. Start multistreaming

The most easiest and convincing way to multistream is with Dreamcast. It allows you to go live without using an encoder. You only need to create an account on Dreamcast and book your free demo to explore more features. After registering and creating your account you can choose your preferred streaming destination for multiple streaming. 

Summing up

By the end of this article, you know how to Multistreaming and why you should consider Multistreaming in the current paced world. Consider streaming your content on other platforms simultaneously. This will help you to increase your reach globally and you’ll engage with potential audiences. Also, you will create many networking opportunities with Multistreaming. Hope you liked the article. Thank you for reading!

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