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Let There Be Light: Creative Lighting Ideas for a Brighter Kitchen

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You must have seen those before-after pictures of Mississauga homes on social media that show the visual appearance of a room before a particular kind of lighting and after it. Let us break it to you: those pictures aren’t fake at all! 

Lighting can truly make or break the visual appearance of your room, creating a smaller kitchen look more prominent and even a bigger kitchen relatively smaller and claustrophobic. Therefore, learning this art of correct lighting is pivotal for homeowners who want their kitchen to be the star of the house. 

But installing the right lightning does not entail being an expert or spending hundreds of bucks trying to find the most expensive lamps and lighting gadgets, or renovating your space by calling on professional Refacing Cabinet Mississauga. All you need to do is keep in mind some of these easy steps to arrange lighting in your cooking and dining areas properly.

Highlight A Point Through Lightning 

The right designer light over your counter can be the last missing jigsaw piece to your kitchen’s puzzle. It can add elegance, bring homogeneity, and emphasize a particular point in your kitchen, especially if it is an open-style space that lacks cohesion. 

But make sure that the lone fitting you go for functions well in proportion to your kitchen island’s size and visual appeal. It must not be so big that it completely overpowers your kitchen, nor should it be too small to not even make a difference. 

Go For Functional Yet Aesthetic Accent Lamps

It is common for lighting to be ranked as the least essential thing in a kitchen design, which is why there is a lack of fittings while building the kitchen. Ideally, the best plan of action is to decide on your lighting beforehand, quite similar to the other aspects of your kitchen, and install fixtures while your kitchen is constructed. 

If it is too late for that, it is not absolutely too late. You may have lesser possibilities for installations, but you can easily step up your lighting game by going for pretty lamps that have good light quality and prove functional for your space. Various kinds of kitchen lamps are available, including hanging and stand lamps. 

Consider Installing Lights Under Your Kitchen Cabinets 

If you think your kitchen gives off a claustrophobic and cluttered vibe, a good solution is to install lights under your cabinets and give it a sweeping look. This lighting idea can give your kitchen a floating look, accentuating the visual appeal of your countertop, floor, shelving display, and even walls. Who thought you could enhance space by simply installing lights in the right places? 

Go For Lights Inside Cabinets 

Another innovative lighting option is installing lights inside your kitchen cabinets. May it be a breakfast cabinet, a cupboard, or a pantry, this idea is highly efficient and can not only increase your kitchen’s visual appeal on the outside but also augment visibility inside the space. Ideally, the lights should turn on when you open the cabinet door and turn off when you shut it. 

You can also showcase your glassware inside glazed and internally lit cabinets and pair them up with lamps or lighting in other parts of your house. 

Tall Kitchen? Try Layer Lighting 

Modern kitchens come in various shapes, making it important to cover their lighting needs both vertically and horizontally. If your contemporary kitchen plan features a tall layout, an excellent option is to go for an amalgamation of elevated and lowered lighting, as just one of them will not prove sufficient. You will need fitted down-lighters to direct light beams across the space, but the lower lighting fittings will help focus them on particular portions of the room. 

Kitchens with high ceilings only work well with lower lighting fittings, as the toned-down effect of the downlighters necessitates additional light over the kitchen island and shelves. 

Summing Up 

You cannot always tear down walls and build them back up as per your preferences, but there is something you can play around with to visibly change the dimensions of your house: lighting. Lighting holds the power to make everything look brighter or duller, which is why it is vital to learn its tricks and use them to your advantage. Make sure you experiment with your space and do your homework to determine which portions of your house could do well with a change of lighting or a pop of color. If you want to learn more, visit here to related post!

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