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Efficient Equipment Selection for Successful Tunnel Construction

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The tunnel construction method depends on various factors, including ground and groundwater conditions. It also depends on tunnel length and diameter, depth, logistics, use, shape, and risk management. Therefore, the selection of appropriate equipment is crucial in tunnel construction.

Here are some common methods that are used in tunnel construction:

  1. Drill and Blast Method
  2. Cut-and-Cover Method
  3. Sequential Excavation Method or New Austrian Tunneling Method 
  4. Pipe Jacking

These are just a few examples of equipment that operates in tunnel construction, such as Roadheaders, Microtunneling, Excavators and Backhoe Loaders. Some of the Popular Excavators and Backhoe Loaders are.


The Hyundai R 210-LC 7 is the finest Hyundai Excavator model with many features. It has an engine that has a power output of 157 HP. The operating weight of the R 210-LC 7 is approximately 20,000 kg, and the bucket capacity is 0.92 cubic meters.  Moreover, the maximum digging depth of the R 210-LC 7 is specified as 5820 mm to dig deeper in the ground.


The JCB 4DX is a backhoe loader model manufactured by JCB, a well-known construction equipment company. It has a hydraulic oil capacity of 130 litres to power various hydraulic systems within the backhoe loader. However, the backhoe arm of the JCB 4DX can reach a maximum height of 4950 mm when fully extended. The JCB 4DX has a maximum operating weight of 8470 kg. The backhoe bucket capacity of the JCB 4DX is 2 cum to hold a significant amount of weight. Therefore, It is one of the most powerful JCB backhoe loader.

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