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Checklist for Moving To A New Condo And Embracing New Home Ownership

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For most people, the condominium is just another version of an apartment. Unfortunately, it is not true. Living in a new condo offers some perquisites to make you feel proud about owning a home without worrying about the upkeep or lawn maintenance. So, if you are planning to invest in a new condominium, there are several decisions to make and things to do besides getting quotes from movers. Although moving to a condo may look simple and easy; apparently, it is not so in real life. Packing up your belongings, loading them into the truck, and organising them in your new home come with unique challenges.

If you do not want to make condo moving your biggest headache and spend money on it unnecessarily, here is the checklist you need to follow.

Create a Plan

One of the biggest aspects of any move is proper planning. No matter how challenging it seems, moving to a condo looks simple when you create a robust plan in advance. Planning the move and allocating the resources makes the move rather straightforward. Without having a structured plan in place, you will let go of important tasks through cracks and jeopardize the chances of a smooth transition. You need to make sure that moving to a Kelowna condo reduces your stress and helps you save time.

planning to go to new condo in kelowna

Decide What To Carry

Do not start stuffing the boxes with your current possessions. There might be several items you need to discard as well. So, start sorting the items you need to carry and discard to simplify the move. Apart from this, you need to measure the furniture you need to carry to the condominium to find out whether they are compatible or not. Try to label the moving boxes based on the designated room in which you aim to keep them, it will make your condo move a lot easier.

Measure The Condo

With Kelowna new condo development dominating the real estate scenario to a great extent, the first thing you need to do is take the measurements. Make sure your furniture fits the hallway and makes it through the doors easily. If you are living in an independent house currently, refrain from carrying those oversized beds and sofa sets but before that, you need to take the measurements properly. While taking stock of your furniture, you get an opportunity to measure every piece to plan the realignment in the condominium easily. You need to keep the realistic aspects in mind and be innovative about creating more space in the condominium.


Disconnect The Utilities

You need to start disconnecting the utilities before the actual move-in date and let go of the outstanding subscriptions. Also, you must notify the new address of the post office and direct the incoming mail to your new address.

Know The HOA Rules

Although investing in new condo developments Kelowna may mean freedom from several hassles, but you can’t get rid of them overnight. You may need to answer the HOA governing the rules and regulations of the community. Some HOAs have a reputation for being notorious for small things like guest parking or the colour of the main entrance door. Do your research before moving to a new condo development. Moreover, you need to know what to pay against the HOA every month when living in a condo. If it is your first move to a condominium, make sure the HOA knows how to tackle everything with ease.

HOA Rules kelowna

Book The Elevator

Many condos have private entries. So, if you are planning to move to a building with an elevator, make sure to book the service once to avoid causing inconvenience to the rest of the people. You will surely not want the movers to unload the belongings to realise that the elevator is already booked.

Remodelling The Home

When investing in a condominium, be sure to know that remodelling or making structural changes in the house requires pre-approval, a thing with which you may not have been familiar in recent times. The same applies when you plan to change the floors.

home remodelling kelowna

Organise The Travel

If the condominium you are buying is situated far away from your existing property, and you decide to move with the kids and pets on the same day, a prior travel plan is necessary. Start early to reach the destination well ahead of time. That way, it will be a lot easier for you to settle down in the new place faster than you expect. Talk to a Kelowna real estate agent about your plan so that you know how to stay on track on the day of the travel. The real estate agents are more familiar with the area and will intimate you of the challenges you may face.

Locks, Alarms And Insurance For Your Condo

One of the benefits of living in a condo is the security it provides. However, you still need to take some precautions to protect your property and belongings. Install sturdy locks on your doors and windows and use them whenever you leave or sleep. Consider getting a home security system or a smart doorbell that can alert you of any suspicious activity. Shop around for the best condo insurance policy that covers your personal liability, contents and improvements. If you are searching for Okanagan homes for sale or Okanagan houses for sale, make sure to check the security features of the condo building and the neighborhood.

security features of new condo developments in kelowna

If you are considering moving to a condo in Kelowna, you need to grab the checklist right away. At Justin O’Connor Group, our dedicated real estate agents ensure that your move to the condominium is stress-free and smooth. So, take your pick in the best neighbourhood and let the experts work with you throughout the process.

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